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Posted: 13 Oct 2004

Note: Novell has released version of eDirectory. This patch is an update to the original release of Novell eDirectory 8.7.3. It contains all fixes and updates since eDirectory 8.7.3 shipped. For the complete details as well as download instructions, see TID 2969860.

This patch requires that eDirectory 8.7.3 already be installed on the server. This is indicated by the DS module having a version of 10550.98 (, 10551.03 ( or 10551.13 (



  • Resolved a crash that occured when receiving notification of CRC events.
  • Resolved issue with schema where previous syntax IDs were not being correctly cleaned up.
  • Resolved issue where obituaries would be lost and not processed against random replicas.
  • Resolved issue with -608 error occuring when moving object with a custom auxiliary class.
  • Resolved issue where grace logins were being incremented twice.
  • Resolved issue with LDAP returning an error 80 when a comparison of a counter attribute is False.
  • Resolved a CPU Hog with DSTrace.
  • Resolved issue with the base class on external reference alias objects being incorrectly modified by the backlinker process.
  • Resolved issue modifying the permanent cache settings via iMonitor which would result in the error "Request: Database Cache Configuration failed (-168)".
  • Resolved issue with NWDSSearch always returning -641 with FTOK_MODTIME in the search filter.


  • Resolved issue where the subordinate count was not being set to zero when a container object did not have any children but the subordinate count was > 0.
  • Resolved issue with the NDO files not being correctly created when using the "Maintain original unrepaired database" option.
  • Resolved issue where killing ndsrepair via CTRL-C would leaving eDirectory using the temporary database files (NDT).
  • Resolved issue where DSRepair was reporting "Error: Illegal partition for object, merged into parent partition".


  • Resolves issue using international characters or spaces in the base DN of a dynamic group object.
  • Resolved crash when reading ACL templates from schema via LDAP.
  • Resolved issue where the LDAP server would crash if invalid data was found in the ldapAttributeList or ldapClassList mapping attributes on the LDAP Group object.
  • Resolved a crash in the LDAP server.
  • Resolved issue with the NMAS Web Client needing to return proper error codes for the Challenge Response method.
  • Resolved issue with the LDAP server not correctly decoding BER data (VSLDAP).


  • Resolved issue where NCP server objects did not have the corresponding icon displayed correctly.


  • Resolved issue where eMBox command line client was not displaying some information on a Japanese system.
  • Resolved issue with eMBox crashing when unable to locate default DIB directory.
  • Resolved a crash when using the "Repair selected network address" option.
  • Resolved a crash with eMBox when installing or starting.
  • Resolved an issue where no eDirectory maintenance could be performed from iManager that required eMBox due to a -649 error.


  • Resolved issue with double-byte characters not being able to be imported to the upper limit of the attribute.


  • Resolved issue with eMBox client not able to open a log file (due to error code not being correctly passed).


  • Resolved issue that would cause DHost to shutdown/crash with SAL displayed on the stack in the Dr. Watson log. This was due to eDirectory attempting to release a socket already released.
  • Resolved issue with NPKI failing to export user certificate.

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