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What's Next for eDirectory?

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Posted: 3 Nov 2004

Some exciting things are in the works for eDirectory, as the best Directory Services keeps getting better. For the full BrainShare presentation on eDirectory Futures (IO151), click here.

Novell eDirectory - Project "Rosalind"

The Rosalind version of eDirectory is planned as version 8.8. The main areas of improvements are: installation and upgrades, data import, priority sync, multi-instance support, encryption, and backup and restore.

Install and Upgrade Enhancements

  • Data import (bulk load) improvements
  • Priority sync
  • Multi-instance support
  • Backup/restore enhancements
  • Encrypted attributes
  • Encrypted replication
  • SASL GSSAPI support
  • Case-sensitive password Policies
  • Fully scriptable install
  • Alternate data (DIB) location
  • Supervisor right to [root] of directory no longer required to install server
  • Service can be run as non-root user
  • Pre-upgrade health check
  • Patchable
  • Installation and updates via Ximian Red Carpet

Data Import Improvements ("Bulk Load")

  • Selectable options
  • No schema check is done
  • Indexing is off
  • Validity check is skipped
  • Significant speed improvements

Priority Sync

  • Used for instant convergence for real-time attributes, such as passwords
  • Configurable per attribute
  • Writes changes to all replicas at once
  • Normal replication process negotiates the rest

Multi Instance Support

  • Hosts more than one instance of eDirectory on a server
  • Maximizes high-end host hardware
  • Opens up new performance configuration option
  • s
  • Requires dedicated IP address per-service instance
  • More than one tree is allowed per server
  • Multiple replicas of same tree/partition can be on a single server
  • To accelerate searches, an interface can be assigned for each partition

New Encryption Options

  • New attributes can be set to be encrypted
  • Ensures attribute is encrypted within the DIB
  • Decryption access is enforced by access control rights
  • "Read" property right to the encrypted attribute
  • Replication traffic can be set to be encrypted (on a per-partition basis; per-server basis is being investigated)

Object-based Backup and Restore

  • LDAP extension - LDAP Search with a contro
  • l
  • Returns the same information the TSA returns
  • Cross-platform support
  • Archive bit capability
  • TSA Wrapper allows backwards compatibility

Novell eDirectory - Project "J.C. Bose"

Here are some of the high-level features of the upcoming J.C. Bose project:

  • Further Installation improvements
  • Replication policies
  • Group enhancements
  • inetOrgPerson can be a container
  • Clustered Linux support, clustered Solaris support
  • LDAP "sounds-like" searches
  • Federated attributes
  • Attribute-based ACL values
  • Optimized referrals - handling referrals across partitions and servers to find data

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