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Posted: 10 Nov 2004

BT (formerly British Telecommunications) is One of Europe's leading telecommunications service providers with more than 20 million business and residential customers in the United Kingdom alone. Novell has partnered with BT to provide directory and consulting services to BT Exact, the telecommunications company's technology and IT operations division. British. For the full press release, see:

The Challenge

BT wanted to integrate and simplify its broad range of services across different business units. BT recognized that the creation of a core repository of digital identities would allow them to maximize their existing IT investments and ensure employees had access to the most up-to-date information.

The Solution

The Directory Enablement Program began with a study of the business needs and potential benefits of directory technology. BT Exact engaged Cambridge Technology Partners®, the business strategy practice of Novell Consulting® in the UK, to provide a strategic roadmap for the project, make the financial case for investment, and articulate the requirements for the necessary identity management technologies.

The Directory Enablement Program, based on Novell® eDirectoryTM, provides the core infrastructure for the delivery of many other BT services and is viewed as a vital foundation for the company's overall IT strategy, which is designed to accomplish four main objectives:

  • Identity Management will establish the core meta-directory service and infrastructure. That will ensure accurate and timely information is available from the "One BT" identity repository.
  • Asset Management will use information from the meta-directory, allowing BT to manage the ownership of its assets. These include physical assets (computers, mobile phones, company vehicles, etc.) or business-critical digital assets (business intelligence, intellectual property, etc.).
  • Role-based Provisioning will create, change and manage digital identities across different applications. This means that when employees join the company, change responsibilities, relocate or leave the company, their access rights can be changed once and updated across all of their applications> This improves productivity and ensures that accurate information is available across the network.
  • Third-party Management will extend these functions outside the company to include customers, suppliers, partners and contractors, enabling them to become more involved in BT's business.

The Benefits

"Without a clear view of our information and assets, there were risks of unnecessary duplications of efforts and resources, over-complicated systems, missed revenue streams and limitations on our responsiveness as a business. We believe the Directory Enablement Program has the potential to save BT millions of dollars." - Brian Giffen, CIO for BT Group operations

With the Directory Enablement Program, BT expects to more efficiently manage its resources and reduce IT costs associated with provisioning new employees and handling help desk calls. By providing a single directory that is integrated with the company's many applications, BT will be able to easily administer existing applications and introduce new strategic IT ventures that can be provisioned for those employees, customers and partners entitled to use them. Most importantly, BT can be assured that only the right people have access to their company resources on the network.

Faster, easier access to information will also allow employees to respond to customers more effectively. For example, up-to-date information on customers allows company representatives to respond to each customer's unique needs and identify opportunities to offer new services.

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