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Cool Tip: Handling DLU and Domains

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By Ron Fowler

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Posted: 17 Nov 2004

Thanks to Cool Solutions reader Ron Fowler for this tip on handling DLU and domains. Keep those tips rolling in!

We use eDirectory for our primary directory and authentication method. We have Windows NT4/2k workstations, and we're using application servers such as Windows 2000 servers running SQL 2000.

Novell recommends not using DLU when there is a domain, so here is one possible way to get around the problem:

  1. Create a policy package for users that disables DLU.
  2. Create a user group and put the users that need domain access into that group and assign the group to that policy. Or, you can assign the policy directly to the users.
  3. Create a NAL application as described in the next steps.
  4. Copy netdom.exe (available from Microsoft or on the Windows Server CD) to the local system32 directory via distribution files.
  5. In the distribution script make another script that launches netdom. You can use vbs, cmd, nwls, etc. The script needs to have the following lines:
	path\netdom.exe join %computername% 
	/userd:[Some account in AD that can join workstations] 
	/passwordd:[account password]

Note: The last line is optional if you aren't putting your computers into an OU other than the computer's container.

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