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Posted: 15 Dec 2004

Novacoast is a professional services company headquartered in Santa Barbara, with several locations in Southern California. One of its key objectives is focusing on a practice built around Directory Services-based solutions. In addition to setting up, configuring and troubleshooting Directory Services installations, Novacoast has excelled in recent years at working with organizations to maximize their Directory investments.

They do this by leveraging the Directory for Meta-Directories, provisioning solutions, centralized authentication repositories, auditing solutions, desktop management as well as many other solutions.

Novacoast has been recognized by Novell as one of their top partners in North America. In 2002, Novacoast was awarded the North American Partner of the Year and in 2003 they were awarded the Partner of the Year in the West by Novell. In addition to their expertise in Directory Services technologies, Novacoast has very strong practices centered around desktop management, identity management, linux deployments, security and open source development.

Novacoast Technical Paper

One of Novacoast's technical papers was recently published as a Cool Solutions article: Securing a Novell Nterprise Linux Services Server: Step-by-Step (SUSE 8, NNLS 1.0). You can find it here ...

Of special interest to eDirectory users:

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