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Avoiding BSOD when using Panda and Novell Client

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By Jose Antonio

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Posted: 3 Nov 2004

I was having trouble with the Blue Screen of Death when shutting down Novell Client on a workstation (XP SP2, NOVELL SERVER 5.0, Panda Antivirus for Enterprise).

The error occurs when shutting down the workstation. You get this blue screen of death error at the point you should be getting the "It's ok to shut down your computer" message.

After installing Panda PusinesSecure through my network, all distributed stations would restart instead of turning off, also the Panda communication agent service was interrupted and a new installation of the agent was required to establish communications with the Panda adminsecure server.

The restart is the result of the XP restart on system failure feature. After disabling this feature a BSOD (IRQL_NOR_LESS_OR_EQUAL) occurs when trying to turn off the computer, this error also stops the Panda communication agent and made it impossible to distribute the antivirus in stations or servers.


You need to turn off the "UNC PATH FILTER" on the Novell client properties. This has solved all my problems.

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