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Time Zones and the PFA (POP Forwarding Agent)

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By Randall S. Bohn

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Posted: 14 Apr 2000

Here's a tip from the guy who created the POP Forwarding Agent...

Sometimes the time reported by the PFA doesn't match the server time. The Java Virtual Machine only supports a limited number of time zones. Some time zones in different parts of the world use the same name abbreviation. The US EST is UTC-5, while in Australia EST is UTC+10. In Java 1.1 EST is the US Eastern Standard Time. Java 1.1 also doesn't have a time zone for England with Summer Time support.

Perhaps the best solution is to run the PFA in UTC (GMT). This can be a pain when you set the schedule (which is now GMT rather than local time). To do this add -Duser.timezone=GMT to your pfa.ncf file, right after the word 'java'. You could also select a Java time zone near you. This will put the PFA time a few hours off, but at least you get something closer to the actual time.

Time zone support is much better in Java 2. When Java 2 is available on NetWare this should no longer be a problem.

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