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Changing the IP Address on NetWare 6

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Posted: 1 Oct 2002

Here is a list, compiled by Novell Technical Services, of references that you will need to change when you modify a NetWare 6 server's IP address:

Only products that ship with the Enterprise version of NetWare 6.0 are taken into consideration, please contact technical support for any other products concerned including products that ship with Small Business Server (SBS).

Bindings and Subnet Mask
Default Route and possibly some other static network routes
Static NAT tables
DNS Resolvers

SYS:etc\resolv.cfg (if you didn't use INETCFG)
SYS:ETC\TRAPTARG.CFG (If applicable)

Bindings/Mask (if you didn't use INETCFG)
Default Route
Secondary IP address(s)

SYS:ETC\FTPREST.TXT (You probably won't need to change this)

Delete the ranges serviced by DHCP if they can no longer be serviced by the new IP address and no other server can service the range. There is no edit option for DHCP in NetWare.

SYS:webapps\WebAdmin\servers.xml (If you Didn't use DNS)


SYS:apache\conf\adminserv.conf (There are upto 7 places that need changing - 'listen', 'securelisten' and 'redirect')

SYS:apache\iFolder\Server\httpd.conf (2 places - 'listen' and 'securelisten')
FIXUP.NLM needs to be run to change the IP Address of the installed iFolder Client - see TID-10068551 for details.
SYS:Apache\iFolder\DocumentRoot\html\iFolder_nav.html (If you didn't use DNS)

This procedure is detailed in TID 10067790

SYS:webapps\WebAccess\WEB-INF\ (If you didn't use DNS)

There are no configuration files assocaited with cluster serivces. All configuration information is stored in NDS. Therefore, the modifications will need to be made through ConsoleOne.

Each node will require that the IP address field be changed via ConsoleOne under the properties page of the node object that resides inside the cluster container. Once the node IP addresses are changed, each resource associated with an IP address change will need to be modufied. This can be done in ConsoleOne by going to the properties page of the respective resource under the cluster container object.

Once the node and resource IP addresses are changed, the Master IP address resource will need to be changed. This is modified on the cluster container object under the Management tab.

If there are hard-coded DNS references you must ensure that they still resolve to the correct address.

For the changes to take effect, the 'Cluster Down' command must be issued and type 'ULDNCS' on each node before starting the cluster with 'LDNCS'.

Note: if you are changing to a different subnet all cluster resources IP address will have to be changed to be within the new subnet. If client mappings are done using the virtual server's IP address then the login scripts will have to be changed accordingly.

ConsoleOne: The ldap server object will have to be recreated and reassociated to the ldap group object. A new SSL KMO object will have to be reassociated to the ldap server object.

As the names of the servers have changed you will need to recreate the following certificates:
1. SSL CertificateIP (Regardless)
2. SSL CertificateDNS (Only if the DNS Name changes)

set dstace=*L
Execute a Repair Server Address from DSRepair.

If you are running a SLP DA you can remove objects from the SLP Scope that reference services on the server to ensure this happens instantly.

Once this is done, execute a 'SET SLP RESET = ON' on the DA(s).

External References (not DS):
Change any DNS records pointing to services (for example the iPrint NDPS Manager DNS record) to point at the correct ip address.

IP-Based Restriction files on other servers (such as FTPREST.TXT for FTP on NetWare).
Static Routes on other servers or devices pointing to the old address. SLP.CFG files on other servers that may have pointed to this server by IP address.

directory agent list

Other servers may point to this server for Timesync information, if that is the case you will need to change the SYS:SYSTEM\TIMESYNC.CFG information.

SCMD has a prefered IP address, this may need to be changed if it is hard-coded.

For more information, and updates to this list, see TID-10067853.

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