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Reseller in Scotland Improving Remote Login and File Access with Novell Small Business Suite

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By Buck Gashler

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Posted: 29 May 2003

Reseller in Scotland Improving Remote Login and File Access with the Novell Small Business Suite

Paul Keen, a Novell reseller in Aberdeen, Scotland recently spoke with us about how he is using components in the Novell Small Business Suite to solve some of his customers' remote policy management and remote file access and login challenges.

For the past 18 months, Paul, and fellow employees at TeleInformatics have been providing roaming profiles for customers using NT/2000 desktops through the Novell Small Business Suite's eDirectory and managing the policies thorough the suite's ZENworks for Desktops product. Keen states: "We have found that without using Active Directory, the system is very stable and in most cases, faster and easier to manage than a pure Microsoft solution."

Paul is also integrating The Novell Small Business Suite's NetWare and ZENworks for Desktops products with Citrix MetaFrame XPa to provide faster file access and login, in comparison to a Microsoft-based remote file access process. "What we've found, is, because Citrix is doing the processing of the applications and Novell provides file and data access so much quicker than Microsoft, the Citrix solution outperforms the pure Microsoft one," stated Peter Rowe CNE, CCA (Technical Director - TeleInformatics).

Keen stated that the Novell and Citrix combination takes about half the time to log in as a Microsoft solution, and, depending on file size, access time can be anywhere from 10-25% faster.

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