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New Jersey Consultant Getting New Customers through Novell Small Business Suite 6 Starter Pack

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By Buck Gashler

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Posted: 2 Jul 2003

Since introducing the Novell Small Business Suite (NSBS) 6 Starter Pack program in April, over 900 new and existing reseller partners worldwide have registered and have met the qualification requirements for deploying the NSBS 6 Starter Pack.

The NSBS 6 Starter Pack program allows qualified resellers to obtain a full-featured 5-user version of the Novell Small Business Suite 6 which includes NetWare 6, GroupWise 6, BorderManager 3.7, and ZENworks for Desktops 3.2. They can then install the suite at any small business sites they want, with no software costs to the small businesses.

We recently spoke with Frank Gioffre, a long-time Novell consultant/reseller and the owner of Gioffre Consulting in Hammonton, NJ about some of the new customers he has been able to add to his client base as a result of the NSBS 6 Starter Pack program.

Frank first deployed the Starter Pack at his own office, and verified that the Starter Pack was indeed the full suite of Novell products included in the current Novell Small Business Suite 6 product. Having deployed dozens of versions of the Novell Small Business Suite over the years, Frank was able to make a quick verification and was impressed with what he saw. He feels it is very important that the Starter Pack include fully functional packages that are not limited in any way. He kept the installation in his office and is using it as a part of his business' network infrastructure.

Frank has since deployed the Starter Pack at two different small businesses in Pennsylvania. His approach with both companies has been to deploy the Starter Pack's NetWare and GroupWise products, with the understanding from the customers that he can return and deploy more of the suite's products as the businesses grow, or see a need for additional services. "My Starter Pack customers are very small businesses and so I try to do what I can to keep the cost of deployment down," Frank remarks. "Most of the time I can get in and out of a client site, installing a new server with NetWare and GroupWise, along with the Novell Clients, in probably four hours. My customers have found this to be attractive to them as far as costs are concerned. And if they need the additional capabilities later, I'll go back and install those products for them also," added Frank. Frank also mentioned that Gioffre Consulting is an NTSP (Novell Training Services Partner) "? so this suite also allows me to follow up with any training needs the client may have."

Frank has found that the Starter Pack has been one of his easiest "sells" he's ever offered, stating that his customers have chosen to go with Novell over other alternatives based on a number of factors.

"I sell them on the benefits of the products themselves; NetWare being the most reliable file and print platform there is, as well as GroupWise being the best messaging platform around. I then go into the other things that should interest any business. I cover total cost of ownership, as well as security features. I mention that their systems won't be taken down every time a virus comes around as very often is the case with Exchange, and that their NOS won't constantly need to be updated with the 'security patch dujour.' That seems to go a long way when they know they're not going to be affected as they would with other products." Frank stated.

Frank adds, "I also bring up the fact that the suite is a low maintenance product and that they won't have to plan on giving me a call every other day or once a week to get the product fixed or working properly the way it should. If I do my job correctly, I'm in there and the product is functioning and things are pretty much hands off. I won't have to touch it again unless I need to add users or perform other administrative tasks of that nature. Being a Novell consultant is almost counter productive to growing my business because the products work so darn well; however it makes for a very satisfied and incredibly loyal client base."

And finally, Frank stresses the return on investment to his customers. "Cost is so important to very small businesses, and especially to start-up firms. When customers with businesses of this size look at the alternative network products, and see how those products can cost them thousands of dollars over time, the Starter Pack from Novell becomes the sensible choice. It really is the proverbial no-brainer decision!"

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