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Engineers Construction Inc. Success Story

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By Buck Gashler

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Posted: 24 Oct 2003

Novell Small Business Suite 6: A Power Tool for Engineers Construction Inc.

Engineers Construction Inc. (ECI) is a full service general construction firm established in 1965. Based, in Williston, Vermont, the company specializes in underground utilities, sitework, railroad construction, cellular sites, waterfront structures, shore protection, and paving. ECI has done over 9,000 projects, largely in the areas of New England and northern New York.


The NetWare 4.2 server, which had served ECI dependably for over 5 years, along with the accompanying network backup, RAID system, hub, and wiring, was in need of an upgrade. ECI had recently purchased the ComputerEase accounting software for contractors, and the new system required a server more robust than NetWare 4.2. ECI needed to keep both product and service costs down, and network downtime to a minimum.

ECI approached William Liporace, owner of WillNet Solutions and asked him to recommend the software and hardware components, along with the deployment plans, to best meet their needs.

Novell Solution

William observed that ECI and its 15 employee administrative office could affordably upgrade its NetWare 4.2 system to the Novell Small Business Suite 6, and not only get the robust NetWare 6 server it needed, but the additional GroupWise, BorderManager, and ZENworks for Desktops products included as well. William showed ECI the cost differences between a competitive Microsoft offering including the costs of installing critical Microsoft service pack updates. In the end, Novell won out both on proven performance and price.

The complete network deployment, including server backup, new server installation, file copying to new server, installation of new hub, wiring, RAID systems, and new backup devices, took one week. Much of the server backup and installation work was done by William remotely, saving ECI money in William's travel costs.


The new system has been up and running flawlessly since March. William has not had to make an update nor change anything in ECI's network since that time. William remarks that ECI called him recently to thank him for not receiving a bill from him in the last four months.

But William still sees some servicing opportunities with ECI in the future. The company has recently begun to look into GroupWise to replace the POP3 system the company uses right now. It turns out that William configured the GroupWise 6 Client to serve as the client interface for a couple of employees' e-mail accounts. The employees are now intrigued by the advanced interface and collaboration features of GroupWise and look forward to William returning to deploy it in the near future.

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