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Restoring Deleted GroupWise Users

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By Tay Kratzer

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Posted: 8 Sep 2004

Chapter 28, Restoring Deleted GroupWise Users, from Tay Kratzer's GroupWise 6.5 Administrator's Guide has been made available for download.

Novell Press has authorized that this chapter of the book be made available to the public. Note. however, that this is copyrighted information owned by Novell Press.

Here's an excerpt:

Have you ever restored deleted users? You were told to delete a user, you did, and then you were told to bring them back. Or maybe you deleted a user by accident! Either way, restoring a deleted user is a stressful task, so this chapter attempts to give you a complete solution to this scenario. This chapter gives you step-by-step instructions, and it also tries to weave in some architectural explanations about what you are trying to accomplish within the various steps.

In order to restore a deleted user, you must use the Recover Deleted Account utility, which is new to GroupWise 6.5, or you must import the user. This process brings back only the user's object, not their messages. Then you must restore the user's messages. Restoring user's messages is also explained in this chapter.

The Scenario

Tay Kratzer's (TKRATZER) GroupWise account was accidentally deleted. You need to restore everything you possibly can of Tay's e-mail. Tay is on a GroupWise domain called CORP and a post office called CORPPO.

Here is a high-level view of the steps that you will take. There a two major methods for restoring a deleted user. The simplest method is called Recover and Restore. This method requires that you have a WPDOMAIN.DB file that existed prior to the user's deletion. The more complex method (and only slightly more thorough) is called Import and Restore or Archive. Following is a high-level explanation of both of these methods.

Download the complete chapter here (pdf format)

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