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Posted: 6 Apr 2004

Heads up, engineers. Here's an opportunity to earn some (fairly) easy money by creating a rich supply of predefined Novell Audit Reports to be made available in Novell Cool Solutions. If you have experience creating Crystal Reports, you should be able to crank one of these out in a couple of hours, once you're up to speed with Novell Audit Reports. And there's no limit on the number of reports you can create. (BTW: The Standard Version of Crystal Reports 9 will work just fine for these -- no need for the advanced versions.) If you think you're up to it, read on.

About Novell Audit

Novell Audit is a centralized, cross-platform auditing service. It collects event data from multiple applications across multiple platforms and writes the data to a single, non-repudiable data store. If you like, Novell Audit can be configured to write events to secondary data stores.

Using the query and report generating tools included with Novell Audit Report, you can evaluate the information in your data stores to determine resource access, usage patterns, and overall compliance with organizational policies and regulations.

For more information, see the Product Overview.

Novell Audit Report

Novell Audit Report (LREPORT) is a Windows-based, ODBC-compliant application that can use SQL query statements or Crystal Reports to query Oracle and MySQL data stores (or any other database that has ODBC driver support). You can define your own SQL query statements or import existing query statements and reports.

Novell Audit Reports can leverage Crystal Reports to graphically summarize specific sets of log data in pie charts, bar charts, and so forth.

For more information, see Using Novell Audit Report.

Design Reports: Collect a Bounty

The Novell Audit Bounty Program is a vehicle for quickly ramping up the number of Crystal Reports system admins can download and use with Novell Audit to put the collected data to work for them in useful, easy-to-understand formats.

There are three ways to earn acclaim, fame, and even some cash developing useful reports. Here are the details:

  • Suggest an Idea for a Report
    One of the challenges here is to identify reports that will be useful for a lot of people. After all, there's an unlimited supply of data being collected about every Novell product someone has installed, so the trick is to design reports that will help bean counters and managers make good decisions. (And there's nothing like a good pie chart, containing exactly the right information, to make IT look like a hero.)

    So there's a bounty on ideas for reports that you believe Novell product users would like to use.

    For example, there might be a lot of interest in a daily report showing failed login attempts and lockouts.

    Users who submit ideas will be entered into a periodic prize drawing.

    The ideas will be placed into an Idea Bin, where intrepid report writers can troll for ideas whenever they feel like it.

  • Write a Report
    If you decide to write a report, there's a little process that will help insure that you don't waste your time writing one that isn't very useful, or that several of you don't work on the same idea at once.

    1. Submit a Proposal
      Use our handy online submission form to submit an outline of the report you wish to create.

    2. Approval
      Novell Audit Product team will review all proposals and approve the ones they think would make good additions to the library.

    3. Acceptance
      Once you receive approval from the Novell Audit Product team, complete the report and send it to our special mailbox.

    4. Posting
      Reports are added to the Report Library at Novell Audit Cool Solutions.

    5. Payment
      Author is paid a bounty, depending on the usefulness and features of the report. Prizes range from USD$50.00 and more.

    NOTE: You don't have to use an idea from the Idea Bin. You might have a bunch of ideas of your own, which you can propose. In fact, they don't even have to be brand new. If you have reports you've already created for your own use, you may as well submit them and see what happens...

  • Write Wildly Popular Reports
    We are not just interested in quantity here. We are interested in providing reports that people will actually use. So, we're going pay a $100 bonus reward to the author of the report that is downloaded the most during any given month. (And if you were smart enough to propose a report with enduring value to a lot of visitors, you could just win this bonus more than once...)

Reward Payment

You can choose how you'd like your reward to be paid from the following options:

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