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Police Your Policies With Novell Audit

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By Linda Kennard

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Posted: 6 Apr 2004

If you're looking for a great introduction to Novell Audit, check out this Connection Magazine article written by Linda Kennard.

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Here's an excerpt:

Audit Features - You need it, you got it
Novell knows that you need such a solution because you and other customers have said so and because Novell too needs such a solution. To address your needs as well as its own, Novell introduces Novell Audit, a comprehensive and secure logging and auditing solution.

Available in beta since March [2003] and officially released in July [2003], Novell Audit is the result of Novell's years of experience developing some of the most secure enterprise software solutions in the industry. Like its recent predecessor, that is, Novell Advanced Auditing Service (NAAS), Novell Audit enables you to log eDirectory and NetWare file system events to a central location and to provide realtime e-mail notifications of various events. (For a complete feature comparison list, see Comparing Features.)

However, Novell Audit is built on an entirely new code set. Hence not surprisingly, Novell Audit provides capabilities above and beyond the capabilities provided by former Novell auditing solutions. More specifically, Novell Audit offers you the ability to perform the following functions:

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