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Posted: 6 Apr 2004

Novell has a long history of providing logging solutions for its products. The release of Novell Audit propels this heritage to new heights of functionality and usability.

Partners Play an Important Role

As with any successful product offering, complementary partner products play an integral role. Novell Audit's success has also shown this to be true. Working to expand Novell Audit's reach into event logging and monitoring for non-Novell products and platforms requires working with many different organizations to meet the ever changing needs of customers. It was this need that drove many of Novell's current logging partners to begin work with Novell to provide event tracking for NetWare and eDirectory many years ago.

As a customer of solutions from Novell's logging partners, you need not worry about whether your investment will sustain itself. As these partners continue to work with Novell, their products will benefit from the broader reach of Novell Audit into network and desktop operating systems, directories, business applications and network infrastructure systems, thus providing you with increased value to understand what's happening within your IT systems.

Many wonder why Novell decided to even create their own system. But after researching your needs in depth, it was determined that securely logging and auditing events from the entire enterprise was essential to your overall security strategy. No third-party company offered this capability in its entirety and Novell didn't want to rely on others to provide such a critical component.

Striving to Secure Your Enterprise

Since maintaining solid internal controls and policies is imperative to insuring a stable, successful enterprise, Novell Audit will continue to provide best practices, system instrumentations and partnering relationships to build detective control activities to make your job easier.

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