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Posted: 26 Aug 2004

If you are looking to do more with Novell Audit, without spending more, check out the Novell Audit SDK. With this toolset you can integrate your custom applications with Novell Audit to report events, or to provide a channel to receive event data. The SDK contains documentation, sample code, binaries, and a readme file - and it's a free download! For more information, see


With the Novell Audit SDK, you can

  • Develop instrumentation libraries so custom applications can report events to Novell Audit.
  • Develop a custom log channel driver to receive events from the Novell Audit Secure Logging Server.
  • Collect events your application might generate.For an existing application, or an application in development, your current list of messages or events can be given an ID and payload values, and logged to the Secure Logging Server with any additional events you want to define and report.
  • map Messages and Determine Payload Values
  • Register an Application ID with Novell so you can easily find events and associate them with your application.
  • Create a Log Schema File, used by the Secure Logging Server to register each application's events, and to label event fields for each reported event.

The SDK documentation describes the C functions, Java classes, and error codes as well.

New in 1.02

The SDK has now implemented the new functionality in Novell Audit 1.0.2:


  • Added libraries for creating log channel drivers in Java.
  • Created a new main reporting function, logEventExt, to provide access to the expanded event fields.
  • Added makefiles and ant build scripts to simplify the sample build process.


  • Added conceptual information on creating instrumentation and log channel drivers, and updated the API reference.
  • Added details on the new event structure.

Sample Code:

  • Added several samples that demonstrate instrumentation and log channel drivers in C and Java.


In order to develop applications using the Novell Audit SDK, you need a development workstation with the following:


  • JDK 1.4 or later.
  • To develop instrumentation, LogEvent.jar must be in your Java classpath.
  • To develop a log channel driver, NAuditDriver.jar and bcprov-jdk14-122.jar (in the lib/Java folder of the kit) must be in your Java classpath.
  • You need Apache Ant to use the automated process to compile the samples.


You need a C compiler. The Novell Audit SDK is built and tested with:

  • On Windows, Visual C++ 6.
  • On NetWare®, Metrowerks* CodeWarrior and CodeWarrior PDK 5.0 for NetWare.
  • On Linux and Solaris, the Gnu C compiler (GCC).

If you are developing applications for NetWare, you need the NLMTM and NetWare Libraries for C (including CLIB and XPlat).

Test Server

In addition, you need a test server with the following:

  • Novell Audit 1.0.2 running on a supported platform. An evaluation version is available from, product details are contained at
  • Novell Audit 1.0.2 iManager plug-in, available with the product or at

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