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Posted: 26 Aug 2004

Novell Audit 1.0.2 is here, with new features and enhancements. Here's a glimpse at what's cool in version 1.0.2.

eDirectory Instrumentation Enhancements

Based on feedback we have received, we have made several enhancements to the eDirectory instrumentation. These include the ability to:

  • Choose between inline and journal logging of events. Inline mode logs events during the actual eDirectory process as they occur. Journal mode logs events in a separate thread, so the actual eDirectory process is not interrupted. Journal mode does not incur as much performance overhead, however, if the eDirectory server goes down, events in the journal that have not been processed are lost.
  • Use an advanced grouping mechanism to group events related to an operation, providing easier searching and browsing of events. Events are now grouped by eDirectory transaction, which enables you to use the drill down feature of the Novell Audit Report Application (LReport) to view all events associated with a transaction.
  • Store the previous value of an eDirectory change. For example, when an attribute is deleted in eDirectory, Novell Audit logs a delete attribute event in which the previous attribute value is stored in the data field of the event.
  • Show a previous state of eDirectory before a change, based on logged information. For example, when a user is deleted from eDirectory, Novell Audit logs a series of delete attribute events and a delete object event. Each of these events is grouped using the advanced grouping mechanism, making it easy to drill-down and view all events relating to this transaction. If it was later determined that this user was erroneously deleted, all removed attributes and their values could be retrieved from Novell Audit, and the object could be reconstructed.
  • Present attribute data in human-readable form. In previous versions, this information was in a binary format that was more difficult to access.

Additional Event Fields

In Novell Audit 1.0.2, several additional fields were added to the Novell Audit event structure to enhance querying and reporting. The Novell Audit event structure now contains fields to report the originator of an event, the target and subcomponent affected by the event, as well as additional text and value fields.

Installation Enhancements

The installation has been enhanced on all supported platforms to provide more flexible, integrated installs. You now have the option of installing components individually and configuring the Platform Agent during install.

Microsoft SQL Server Support

The Novell Audit Secure Logging Server now has the ability to store events in a Microsoft SQL Server database. The Novell Audit iManager plug-in has been updated to support establishing this connection.

Additional Supported Platforms

Novell Audit now supports Windows 2003, Red Hat Advanced Server (AS), and Red Hat Enterprise Server (ES).

JDBC Log Channel

The JDBC Log Channel Driver has been enhanced to support any JDBC-enabled database, enabling you to log events to a number of different data stores supporting the JDBC interface.

iManager Query Builder and Verifications

The Query Builder interface in iManager has received several enhancements, including the ability to perform lightweight event verifications, and use custom macros in SQL queries. These custom macros make is simple to convert from hex to decimal, use IP addresses in queries, and reference the Novell Audit table name using a keyword.

iManager Database Connectivity Test

The Novell Audit iManager plugin now has the ability to test JDBC database connections to assist with troubleshooting.

Event Cache Limit

The Platform Agent now has additional parameters, contained in logevent.cfg, enabling you to specify the maximum size of the Novell Audit event cache, and specify the action Novell Audit takes when this limit is reached (stop logging, drop cache, or generate a warning).

Optional Expanded Event Data Field

The Platform agent has an additional parameter, contained in logevent.cfg, enabling you to specify the maximum size of the data field for each event. This option provides additional flexibility for applications logging events to Novell Audit, as they can use an expanded event data field to increase the amount of information that can be stored with each event.

This increased size is optional, so applications not requiring this functionality can leave this off for increased performance.


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