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Posted: 20 Nov 2001

Versions: BorderManager 3.5, 3.6

There's a new PROXY.NLM available. To download the file, see TID 2960533. The following issues have been addressed in this build (since PXY023 build of PROXY.NLM included in BM35SP3.EXE or BM36SP1.EXE):

Fixed in PXY026.EXE

  1. Virus Pattern Recognition and protection enhancement. To enable this feature, configure as follows in ETC/PROXY/PROXY.CFG:

    [Extra Configuration]
    ScanVirusPatterns=1 (0 to disable)

    [Virus Pattern Configuration]
    ***Add patterns under here***
    Copy known patterns from example PROXY.CFG file in this patch.

  2. When adding a new FTP AcceleratorIn NWAdmin, IP addresses already in use are displayed. (Fixed in updated proxycfg.dll)

Fixed in PXY025.EXE

  1. The login page with full HTTPS failed. Using HTTPS Authentication, the original url (complete path) is not available as a "GET" request and is not sent by the browser. The old solution provided was to force the user to re-enter the url after authentication. A modification was done later to try and redirect the browser to the domain name of the web server after authentication. For some cases with an absolute url, this will not work. A switch has been provided to enable either solution. By default the Proxy will force the user to re-enter the url. To change the behavior to the other one, configure as follows in proxy.cfg

    [Extra Configuration] HTTPSAuthenticationSwitch=1

  2. SSL login would accept illegal login names.

Fixed in build PXY024

  1. PROXY abend at RFtpPTServerDataAbort.
  2. Netscape 6.1 cannot authenticate to a BM Proxy server.
  3. DNS hosts lookup failed messages removed.
  4. SendHTMLRedirect always redirects to an IP address instead of hostname. Allows administrator to see the proxy server address by DNS name when user attempts to authenticate using the browser.

Installation Instructions

  1. Requires BM35SP3.EXE (BorderManager 3.5) or BM36SP1.EXE (BorderManager 3.6).
  3. Replace with the PROXY.NLM and PROXYCFG.DLL in this build.
  4. If Code Red and NIMDA virus protection is desired, compare the PROXY.CFG file contained in this patch with the existing ETC/PROXY/PROXY.CFG file. Add the ScanVirusPatterns=1 parameter under the [Extra Configuration] heading and the complete [Virus Pattern Configuration] section to the existing PROXY.CFG file. Alternatively, replace the existing PROXY.CFG with the one in this patch. Verify and transfer any existing configuration parmaters that may already exist prior to doing so.
  5. Unload PROXY.NLM.
  6. Unload PROXYCFG.NLM.

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