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Novell Licensing Services (NLS) and BorderManager Issues

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By Scott Jones

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Posted: 8 Feb 2002

BorderManager 3.5/3.6

Novell Licensing Services (NLS) and BorderManager have not coexisted very well. The symptoms can include:

  • High server utilization, especially when using SSL and the reporting tools.
  • BorderManager NLM's unable to obtain licenses when loading, or taking 15-20 minutes to load.
  • Unable to install licenses during product installation.
  • Licenses working and then not working.
  • Unable to delete license certificates in NWAdmin. (You can sometimes use NetAdmin, so keep it on your laptop even though it's gone in NetWare 5!)
  • NWAdmin reporting, "No BorderManager license is installed" when selecting the BM property pages, even when the BM server is the primary connection.

There are several steps you can take to avoid these problems. When the following list is observed, the likelihood of trouble is minimal.

  • Have a local read/write replica of the partition containing the BM server and its license objects.
  • Install the BM license certificates on the BM server using LICINST.NLM. Do not have them on another license provider.
  • Ensure that all the current patches and fixes are in place.
  • Configure LSP objects to search to the root of the local partition.
  • Ensure that all servers are on the same version of NLS. In large trees, I've also had success updating just the servers in every replica ring that the BM server participates in. The current NW5.x support packs include the newer NLS.

Even after following this procedure, you may still observe one NLS error during server startup when VPN services load. It will say, "unable to obtain sufficient licenses," yet the NLM's load and function normally and no further errors are seen.

For more info on NLS, see this section of the documentation.

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