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Posted: 24 May 2002

If you use the BorderManager Mail Proxy, the following keywords must be added to the [BM Mail Proxy] section of the SYS:\ETC\PROXY\PROXY.CFG with the corresponding values:

BM_Domain: Primary domain of the BorderManager proxy; for example, if your primary registered domain name is, this value should be set to This keyword is used for the proxy to check incoming mail for spam relay. For example, if the domain name in the TO: field of the message does not match the primary domain of the proxy, the proxy will reject the message.

NOTE: If "Primary Domain Name" is not specified through NetWare Administrator, this keyword and a value are required in the SYS:ETC\PROXY.CFG file or outbound e-mail will not be sent. If "Primary Domain Name" *is* specified, the BM_Domain field it is not necessary.

BM_Proxy_Domain: Fully qualified DNS name of the BorderManager proxy. This field is used by the proxy to advertise its correct host name when sending the HELO command to an SMTP server. This is useful in cases in which the target SMTP server is performing a DNS lookup on the hostname advertised in order to avoid spam relay. Though this keyword is optional, if this keyword is not specified, outbound e-mail from the mail proxy may be rejected by the destination SMTP servers. This is because some SMTP servers do reverse DNS lookups on the SMTP origin during SMTP session establishment as an anti-spam measure. The recommendation is to specify this keyword with a value.

BM_Incoming_Relay: Whether the mail proxy will relay messages containing a % sign. This field can be set to integer values of 0 and 1. If set to 1, the mail proxy will relay e-mail containing a % sign. For example, if the proxy receives a message with a TO ADDRESS:, it will relay the message to If set to 0, the proxy will reject all incoming relay requests. By default, it is set to 0 to avoid a spam relay attack.


[BM Mail Proxy]

These keywords must be added to the PROXY.CFG file or the mail proxy will not forward mail.

If the mail proxy is enabled and an e-mail/attachment larger than the currently configured spool directory or maximum message size is passed through, the server may hang or abend. To avoid this issue, use NWADMIN to change the maximum message size to 2000MB and the spool size to 4000MB (even if there is not that much space available).

If multiple MX record resolution is required, PROXY.NLM must be loaded with the -M switch (for example, LOAD PROXY -M).

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