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Expanded BorderManager Reporting

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Posted: 24 May 2002

Current version: BorderManager 3.7

BorderManager includes limited built-in reporting on the "common log" file produced by BorderManager. Many customers find they need more customization, and create their own reports using Excel or Access. A few large government agencies have even created their own apps that collect BorderManager data into an Oracle database, for extremely flexible reporting.

If you lack the internal development staff to create your own customized reports, here are some other options to consider.

BorderManager Proxy Statistics Tool (BRDSTATS)

BRDSTATS is a free tool created by Simon Begin, and is available on our Cool Tools page:

BRDSTATS creates an HTML file containing a summary of statistics for each day of BorderManager operation, as well as the file INDEX.HTM, which acts as a "table of contents" for the reports produced. Here is example report from BRDSTATS.

BRDSTATS v1.50 Readme File

This program scans proxy server common log files, and creates HTML files containing these statistics:

  • A summary
  • The Top 20 Users
  • The Top 20 Web sites (URL)
  • The analysis of each Top 5 Users (Top 10 URL for each of the Top 5 Users)
  • The analysis of each Top 5 URL (Top 10 Users for each of the Top 5 URL)
  • The Top 20 IP address
  • 24 hour traffic analysis
  • 7days/24hour traffic analysis
  • Top 20 proxy return codes (for example error 404=not found)
  • Top 20 file types (for example .gif, .html, .jpg)
  • Top file sizes
  • (*)These are the default settings, they are customisable.


  • Novell BorderManager Proxy server or any other proxy that support Common Log format.
  • Common log files available to analyse. In BorderManager for example, configure HTTP Proxy Logging (common format - rollover by date for example 7 days).
  • HTTP Proxy authentication needed for 'Top users'.


Here is another free tool, created by Novell Consulting. It generates reports against the NBM text logs. Download ProxyTrends_1.exe from the Downloadables page.


Telemate.Net software is a comprehensive reporting tool for in-depth usage analysis of the Novell BorderManager Suite. By examining log file information from BorderManager Firewall Services, Telemate.Net helps organizations monitor employee Internet usage and manage network bandwidth utilization.

Telemate.Net can also access and summarize data from multiple network devices including firewalls, proxy servers, PBX's or intrusion detection devices, providing a fully integrated network usage management solution with over 200 detailed reports.

NetSpective Reporter gathers data from firewalls and proxy servers and generates a complete array of summary, exception and detail-on-demand reports to help you manage employee Internet access. NetSpective Reporter provides comprehensive insight into your organization's Internet use through 32 reports that reveal:

Summary trends - Spot potential problems early
Exceptions to your policies - Evaluate and address violations
Detail-on-demand -- Document user surfing history when necessary

These easy-to-understand reports classify your company's surfing activity into more than 35 categories that were developed through a combination of automated content recognition tools and human review. These methods keep you more current with objectionable sites, and categorization is more precise.

You can get a demo version of NetSpective Reporter at

For more info, visit the Telemate.Net Software Web site.

WebTrends Firewall Suite

This software provides analysis of the BorderManager "Common" log files from the SPH_BM1 server, producing a web page of statistics and graphs which can be printed or published on the Intranet.

WebTrends' award-winning Firewall Suite leaves nothing to chance by capturing every move, incoming and outgoing, across your company's firewall. It provides immediate alerts and over 200 reports to webmasters, IT managers, and security professionals. Firewall Suite delivers dozens of analytical capabilities to assess network vital signs.

  • Runs on Windows operating environments - Supports Windows NT, Windows 2000 and Windows XP.
  • More than 200 reports with easy-to-interpret tables and graphs - Gain access to both summary-level and detailed reports about firewall activity. Reports are available in Microsoft Word, Excel and HTML in a variety of templates and in multiple languages.
  • Proactive Security Protection - View reports on all critical errors, warnings and rules triggered by firewalls to determine if a potential threat exists and then take steps to increase firewall security.

Comprehensive Bandwidth Analysis - Examine usage patterns by protocol, user, department, incoming versus outgoing traffic and time of day to distribute network resources more efficiently.

Employee Internet Usage - Monitor internal usage of the Internet through the firewall, including most active users and the types of sites visited categorized by an embedded SurfControl URL database.

Unlimited Analysis and Reporting Profiles - Create as many profiles as your organization needs by simply purchasing additional profile licenses.

Support for more than 35 firewalls - Analyze and report on firewall activity from today's most popular firewalls, including Check Point VPN-1/FireWall-1, Cisco PIX, NetScreen and many others.

You can download a free eval copy of the Firewall Suite from

For a guide to configuring the WebTrends software for use with BorderManager, see the BorderManager Resources page at


WebSpy products are designed to help you manage how your employees use the Internet. They will help combat the costs of lost productivity, legal liability, wasted communications expenditure and security vulnerabilities.

WebSpy offers a variety of solutions for monitoring Internet usage.

WebSpy Analyzer

If you use a proxy server or firewall, WebSpy Analyzer will work in conjunction with these applications to provide comprehensive analysis of your log file data - enabling you to receive customizable reports.

E-mail Analyzer

With support for mail tracking logs as well as a comprehensive list of firewall and proxy applications, E-mail Analyzer can provide you with a clear understanding of how your organization is using e-mail and the Internet.

WebSpy Live

WebSpy Live provides live Internet and network monitoring. You can set up customized profiles and triggers to alert you when Internet and network misuse occurs. WebSpy Live is a real time solution which enables timely responses to inappropriate or appropriate use of your organizational resources.

WebSpy Sentinel

WebSpy Sentinel is one of the most comprehensive capture tools available, capable of capturing and logging all protocols required for the monitoring of your electronic resources. Full capture of Internet content, a highly configurable, easy to use management interface, and seamless integration with other WebSpy products makes WebSpy Sentinel the most complete capturing solution available.

You can download a free eval copy of WebSpy at

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