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N2H2 Announces Filtering Solution for Novell BorderManager 3.7

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Posted: 28 Jun 2002

Version: BorderManager 3.7

Heads Up: Novell BorderManager customers will soon have a choice of URL blocking solutions -- two industry leaders, SurfControl and N2H2!

N2H2's Sentian CS for Novell BorderManager product page is at

For the education market, the product is also available as Bess CS for Novell BorderManager,

These products require an update to NBM 3.7 which will be made available as a free download in September. There will be a controlled beta in August.

Stay tuned for more details as they become available.

Here's the Press Release that was issued about this on 18 June:

N2H2, Inc. a global Internet content filtering company, today announced at the National Educational Computing Conference (NECC) in San Antonio the upcoming release of a fully integrated, scalable Internet filtering software solution for Novell(R) BorderManager(R) 3.7, which is designed to enable schools and businesses to address and manage the risks associated with Internet use. The solution, to be released late summer, gives the more than 5 million BorderManager users the choice to deploy Internet filtering software that best suits their needs.

"We're proud of the fact that an industry leader like Novell has chosen to support our filtering," said Philip Welt, president and CEO of N2H2. "Novell, recognizing the strength of our filtering, is the latest access control vendor to offer N2H2 filtering as a choice to its users."

Sentian(TM) CS for Novell BorderManager is N2H2's new enterprise-scale filtering solution for companies wishing to take advantage of the most effective filtering list available. The quality of N2H2's filtering was recently confirmed in a study released in April 2002 by eTesting Labs for the Department of Justice, where it was found to be the most effective among the major filters with a 98 percent effectiveness rating.

Education customers can enjoy that same level of protection using N2H2's Bess(R) CS for Novell BorderManager. Both the Bess and Sentian use N2H2's proprietary category-server technology, which enables organizations of any size to deliver efficient Internet access and robust filtering at high speeds -- all while leveraging the identity-based policy engine of Novell BorderManager.

"Novell decided to offer N2H2 support with Novell BorderManager because of increasing user requests for N2H2's high-quality filtering, particularly in the education market," said Ian Dunlop, vice president of Novell's Provisioning Services and Solutions Group. "The identity-based access control of BorderManager, coupled with N2H2's expansive filtering capability, creates a very compelling offering for controlling and monitoring students' and employees' access to the Internet. BorderManager, as part of the Novell Secure Access solution, enables schools and businesses to harness the power of the Internet, while addressing and managing the risks associated with Internet use."

About N2H2

N2H2 is a global Internet content filtering company. N2H2 software helps customers control, manage and understand their Internet use by filtering Web content, monitoring Internet access and delivering concise reports on user activity. These safeguards enable organizations of any size to limit potential legal liability, increase user productivity and optimize network bandwidth.

N2H2's Bess(R) and Sentian(TM) product lines are powered by N2H2's premium-quality filtering database -- a list consistently recognized by independent and respected third-parties as the most effective in the industry. Based in Seattle, WA and serving millions of users worldwide, N2H2's software products are Cisco Verified, Microsoft Gold Certified and Check Point OPSEC compliant and are available for major platforms and devices. Additional information is available at

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