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The Cool Solutions IP Calculator

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By Dave le Roux

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Posted: 2 Aug 2002

From David le Roux of Novell Consulting in South Africa, here's an indispensable tool for all who install and support NBM -- A small, fast IP calculator! As Scott Jones said, "I've been using the IP Subnet Calculator from WildPackets for years, but this is much simpler (has everything on a single screen) and faster."

(And free. Thank Dave when you see him...)

This utility has been written to provide simple TCP/IP network information.

  1. Install it by unzipping the zip file to a temporary directory, then running the setup.exe
  2. Find the startup link under Start/Programs/Cool Solutions/ and fire it up.
  3. Enter the IP address you would like more information about, then drag the slider to change the sub-net mask until you get the network you need.

This utility was not written to be too controlling regarding the information. Hence the ability to drag the slider over the full range of sub-net bits. IE. Not all subnets may be legal.



If you have any questions you may contact Dave at

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