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Extending Schema after Upgrade

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Posted: 16 Aug 2002

Version: Novell BorderManager 3.7

After you upgrade NBM 3.7, if you find your filters aren't working (nothing appears in filtcfg, ConsoleOne doesn't show any filters in the Access Rule container, iManager doesn't show any filters, etc.), you may find that the schema has not been properly extended. Here's how to extend the schema manually, so your filters will work.

1. Run SCHEXT.NLM at the console prompt. Enter the following mandatory parameters:


The user must have supervisor rights at the Root level of the tree.


2. Use ConsoleOne: For this method to work, LDAP has to be configured and working in the server holding the root of the partition where the BorderManager server object resides.

  1. Launch ConsoleOne from the BorderManager server.
  2. Select the container where the NBM server resides.
  3. Go to the toolbar and select Wizards > NDS import > Export.
  4. Select Import LDIF File.
  5. In "Select source LDIF file," browse to sys:system\schema, select the file FWSSCH, then click Next.
  6. Leave "manual connection" and in the field "Server dns name/ip address" enter the IP address of the NBM server, and port 389. Leave "anonymous login" checked. Click Next.
  7. To confirm the import, select "Finish".

If schema was not extended, log file will show:

 Total entries processed: 36
Total number of errors: 0

Note: If the schema was already extended, total number of errors will display the duplicate entries but it is nothing to worry about.

For more info see TID 10071884

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