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Troubleshooting BorderManager Snapins

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Posted: 19 Sep 2002

If you are having trouble with the BorderManager snapins, here are some helpful troubleshooting tips from good folks at Support, who deal with this stuff every day. Try these strategies before you pick up the phone and call them.

1. Verify that the BorderManager server is patched to the latest patch level. Below is a matrix of current core OS and BorderManager patches that impact NWADMN32 functionality and therefore need to be applied (Certain component issues may require newer versions of specific modules that are not mentioned here):

  • BM 3.0 running on Netware 4.x: nw4sp8a.exe, bm3sp2.exe, bm3licfx.exe, nlslsp4b.exe, admn519f.exe
  • BM 3.5 running on Netware 4.x: nw4sp8a.exe, bm35sp1.exe, nlslsp4b.exe, admn519f.exe
  • BM 3.5 running on Netware 5.x nw5sp4a.exe, bm35sp1.exe, nlslsp4b.exe, admn519f.exe

NWADMN519F.EXE fixes a huge number of generic NWADMN32 issues (see TID #2955955)

2. Make sure that the BorderManager snapins are located in the correct directories. A tool exists called Handlex.exe (available at that allows you to dump all DLLs associated with a running Windows application. With SnapIns issues, it's a great way of verifying that the correct versions of the NWADMN32 BM snapin DLLs are running, and that they are being loaded from the correct directories.

Here is a list of the BorderManager related DLLs along with their directory placement:


M:\public\win32\VPNA.dll                 // Used by VPN.DLL
M:\public\win32\VPN.dll                 // Used by BSCOV.DLL
M:\public\win32\PROXYCFG.dll         // Used by BSCOV.DLL
M:\public\win32\GSJPG32.DLL                // Used by BSMON.DLL
M:\public\win32\GSWAG32.DLL        // Used by BSMON.DLL
M:\public\win32\GSWDLL32.DLL        // Used by BSMON.DLL

The key to NWADMN32 operating correctly is in getting the appropriate DLLs copied over to the sys:\public\win32 and sys:\public\win32\snapins directories. Assuming that all the files can be found there, NWADMN32 will load successfully. NWADMN95 and NWADMNNT used a different approach in that they would search the Windows registry for the location of the BorderManager snapin files and load them from this defined location.

3. Make sure that no licensing issues exist with your BorderManager installation. The easiest way of verifying this is to check to see if the 'BorderManager Alert' Tab generates the same problems that the BorderManager setup and access control tabs display.

From the algorithm described in step 1 above, the client running NWADMN32 will initially check to see whether or not licensing is installed and valid before displaying any information.

4. Make sure that no mismatch exists with the BorderManager DLLs. Many of the DLLs have dependencies (e.g. BSCOV.DLL dependent on PROXYCFG.DLL and VPN.DLL) and as such, there should be no mixing up of older versions with newer versions.

5. Make sure that the BorderManager DLL's have not become corrupted in any way. The easiest way of doing this is to reinstall the BorderManager DLLs and verify whether the problem continues. This can be done by

  1. Deleting the DLLs mentioned in step 2 above and;
  2. Re-running SYS:\PUBLIC\BRDRMGR\SNAPINS\SETUP.EXE on the BorderManager server so that the SNAPIN DLLs get recopied to the appropriate directory.

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