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SSL Authentication after NetWare 6 Install

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Posted: 1 Nov 2002

If you find that SSL authentication fails after you've installed a NetWare 6 server into your tree, there's a patch you should grab. Here's the scoop:

NetWare 6 installs NMAS by default. The NMAS install place a Login Policy Object (LPO) in the tree. Once a LPO exists, BorderManager will try to use it for the login sequence/method for VPN, PROXY and SOCKS. Additionally, the NetWare 6 LPO does not have the correct attributes for BorderManager configuration.

A work-around is to configure the LPO using NWADMIN and to add the required PROXY / VPN / SOCKS rule. ADMATTRS.NLM may also need to be run in the tree to add the SAS attributes.

But if you don't want to bother with all that, simply download and apply the ADM.NLM version 2.67 dated July 15, 2002 (or later). Currently BM35ADM7.EXE. The ADM.NLM in this patch will eliminate the need to extend the schema and configure LPO Rules for BorderManager.

For more info see TID 10076148

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