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Blocking Browser Ads with Novell BorderManager

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By Martin Zinaich

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Posted: 5 Feb 2003

Heads Up: if you are waging battle against browser ads, you won't want to miss this great AppNote. It discusses how to configure Novell BorderManager to block browser ads for all users within an enterprise. The design uses redirection of browsers from ad servers to a Web server on your network. The implementation demonstrated uses Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) as the Web server running on an existing Novell iFolder server.

Here's an excerpt:

Before talking about how to actually use BorderManager to block ads, I feel compelled to mention that many Web services are free to us because of advertising. So while they are annoying, they also serve a purpose. The other side of the argument goes beyond the annoyance of ads. Ads can consume a great deal of your Internet connection bandwidth. If you have ever looked at your bandwidth usage, you'll notice right away some sites at the top of the list that look very strange. You may notice some have "ad" in their name. Most of these strange servers are ad servers and all of the bandwidth they consume is going to advertising. In my experience it has been one of the largest portions of bandwidth usage.

What if, instead of downloading these highly colorful and sizeable pictures, you replaced them with the little word "adblocking"? What follows is a way to construct just such a scenario using Novell BorderManager.

Read the whole AppNote at

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