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Using Public-Domain Site Blocking Lists with Novell BorderManager

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By Marcus Williamson

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Posted: 6 Mar 2003

Internet access from every desktop has become ubiquitous within most organisations. Whilst the provision of Internet access for all offers many benefits, it also presents challenges to the network administrator who must manage that Internet access. The administrator must ensure that such access is provided within the organisation's acceptable use policy, in accordance with legal requirements, and in keeping with the appropriate financial budgets.

This AppNote discusses how network administrators can make use of free public-domain site blocking lists in conjunction with Novell BorderManager on NetWare networks to enforce network-wide Internet access policies. It begins with a discussion of the policy, legal, and cost-related issues, as well as the various types of unwanted content. It then covers some of the site lists that are available in the public domain, and concludes with instructions for installing and configuring these lists.


  • Policy, Legal, and Cost Issues
    This section provides a discussion of issues surrounding employee Internet usage, in terms of corporate policies, legal concerns, and costs.

  • Unwanted Content Types
    Unwanted content can be divided broadly into one of the following three types: Advertising, Unwanted file types, Undesirable sites. Many solutions are available to help you deal with unwanted content. Examples include SurfControl and N2H2, in addition to manual entry of sites to block. In this AppNote, we'll use as examples products from Connectotel.

  • Public Domain Site Blocking Lists
    Public domain site blocking lists have been compiled by organisations and individuals who wish to provide a free alternative to the lists supplied by commercial companies. The lists are compiled either by an individual or small team, using public input to a website, or via a robot which has been programmed to search for certain types of sites.

  • Installing and Configuring Public-Domain Site Blocking Files
    The example which follows assumes the use of the squidGuard Blacklist with Novell BorderManager and Connectotel LinkWall. The instructions assume that NetWare and BorderManager are already installed and running on your network.

  • Conclusion
    Using these techniques, administrators can ensure that the policy, legal, and cost issues described herein can be avoided.
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