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Using WebSpy Analyzer and WebSpy Live on Novell BorderManager Proxy Log Files

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By Meena Guruprasad

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Posted: 11 Apr 2003

The BorderManager HTTP Proxy log files can be difficult to read and understand. Although the files are in text format, they are not well formatted. Another drawback is that the log files provide only historical data, not live data in real time. The NetWare Administrator (NWADMN32) utility does not export the common and extended log files of BorderManager.

For better understanding, the log files should be read through an application or through a program which provides mechanisms to understand the information in a more meaningful manner.

This AppNote describes two tools to analyze and extract meaningful data from the BorderManager log files. They are WebSpy Analyzer Standard and WebSpy Live.


  • Types of HTTP Log Files
  • WebSpy Analyzer Standard
  • WebSpy Live
  • Comparison of WebSpy and Other Analysis Tools
  • Conclusion

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