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ICSA Labs IPSec VPN Troubleshooting

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Posted: 25 Mar 2004

The ICSA Labs IPSec program is entering its sixth year of certification testing. In that time thousands of tests have been performed on VPN products from all around the world, which has allowed ICSA intimate experience learning what is required to configure, troubleshoot and ensure interoperability with many different IPsec Solutions.

From the perspective of the ICSA Labs IPsec Testing Program, the main goal of its certification program is to get vendors, researchers, and developers to work together, standardize, interoperate and give Industry IT consumers the best possible information from which to make VPN solution implementation decisions. This includes sharing the experience and lessons learned in developing the Testing Criteria and the actual testing of the products.

This paper provides:

  • Overview of ICSA Labs Certification Testing.
  • Common Issues and problems found in IPsec Certification Testing.
  • Common Tools and Techniques that can be used in Troubleshooting your IPsec VPN.
  • What is the future of IPsec and other VPN's

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