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NBM 3.8 VPN Master Failure Recovery

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Posted: 25 Mar 2004

The Master VPN Server is a critical part of your star topology network. If it crashes, the communication between all the servers will stop, and none of the VPN users will be able to securely connect to the private corporate network from outside.

To help you with this situation and its important issues, we are sharing a technical paper on VPN Master Failover - check it out for some great suggestions and strategies. Here's a brief summary of what you will find in the paper:

  • Introduction - Deals with issues of downtime, VPN configuration changes, master replicas, backup and restore, etc.
  • Requirements - Lists the basic requirements for implementing the Master VPN failover solution.
  • Solution: Simulated VPN Setup - Describes the master/slave/client setup; explains the steps for implementing the solution, complete with diagrams and screen shots.
  • Summary - Reiterates the value of the solution and how it keeps the downtime for a failed Master VPN to 30 minutes or less.

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