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Posted: 25 Mar 2004

Novell BorderManager 3.8 and VPN Tracker for Mac OS X

Finally, there is a solution to connect remote Mac users to Novell BorderManager 3.8. Supporting the IPsec standard, equinux VPN Tracker is a versatile VPN client for the Mac platform. By operating a Novell BorderManager gateway combined with equinux VPN Tracker, as a remote VPN client for Mac, heterogeneous networks now have a complete network protection tool.

Site and firewall administrators will appreciate the ability to easily connect Macs to Novell powered networks. The strong authentication by X.509 certificates enables an easy and scalable integration into enterprise infrastructures.

A comprehensive how-to guide is available on the interoperability of both products, as well as a free demo for VPN Tracker.

For the how-to guide for VPN Tracker and Novell BorderManager:

For a free VPN Tracker demo:

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