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NAT or Not - Issues with IP/IP and Transparent Proxy

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Posted: 25 Mar 2004

A user wrote and asked about implementing an IP/IP gateway and transparent proxy with Border Manager, instead of dynamic NAT, in order to apply user-based access rules. Here's the reply from one of our Border Manager experts:

User authentication and user-based access rules make use of the CLNTRUST (single-sign on) or SSL authentication methods. These are not dependent on using IP/IP gateway or dynamic NAT. They just require an IP stack on the client.

The preferred configuration I see at most sites these days is:

  • Do not use an IP/IP gateway - it introduces an unnecessary overhead and is not supported by Novell.
  • Do not use a transparent proxy - it has a major limitation that prevents you from seeing the name of the host that a user accesses in the proxy log file.
  • Use dynamic NAT on the public interface to provide translation between internal addresses and a single external address (the address of the public interface).
  • Use CLNTRUST.EXE for user authentication - this is loaded in the login script.
  • Use ZENworks or a batch file to force the proxy settings as a registry fragment out to the users.

Using this configuration you will be able to apply access rules based on user, group or OU membership.

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