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15 Frequently Asked BorderManager Questions (and Answers)

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Posted: 29 Jul 2004

Here are 15 essential questions about BorderManager, along with the answers (so as not to keep you guessing ...) See if you can answer them yourself, then check your answers with those of our expert.

Q1: What version of NetWare should be used with BorderManager?

Answer: Versions 5.1, 6.0 or 6.5 can all be used. Version 6.5 is strongly preferred - it has a simpler install, and more features are available.

Q2: Is BorderManager clusterable?

Answer: Yes ? see the following Cool Solutions article:

Q3: Is caching available?

Answer: Absolutely.

Q4: Does BorderManager keep a track or log of sites that users have visited?

Answer: Yes, by means of a local indexed log, standard text log formats, and Novell Audit (for secure, aggregated log data).

Q5: Does it do reporting, beyond keeping logs or track of users? Does it have the ability to graph or chart user activity?

Answer: Beyond the basics, there is only minimal reporting capability. There are a number of partner solutions available for more advanced reporting. See the BorderManager partners in the Novell Partner Guide page at:

Q6: What about hardware requirements?

Answer: You should maximize your installed RAM for optimal proxy-cache performance. For the full list, of hardware requirements, see

Q7: What Management Console can be used with BorderManager?

Answer: You can use NWAdmin for proxies and iManager for firewall and VPN.

Q8: Does BorderManager make use of a blacklist and a whitelist? If it does have a blacklist, is that available via download from the BorderManager site, and does it get updated automatically?

Answer: These capabilities are available via partners (see

Q9: About subscription updates to BorderManager - do we receive them automatically from Novell, or do we install them manually?

Answer: Patches and Support Packs are installed manually except for Novell Client Firewall, which has Auto Update.

Q10: A granularity question - does BorderManager support inbound and outbound filtering?

Answer: Yes.

Q11: Can we use BorderManager to enable, disable, or restrict certain sites at certain times of the day?

Answer: Yes.

Q12: How long has BorderManager been available?

Answer: We first shipped the product in Fall, 1997; BorderManager 3.8 shipped in November, 2003.

Q13: What about BorderManager integration with NDS and Microsoft Active Directory?

Answer: With NDS the integration is native; with Active Directory the integration is via LDAP or Novell Identity Manager.

Q14: Does BorderManager support Policies?

Answer: Yes.

Q15: Does it proxy Instant Messaging?

You can use a generic proxy in Border Manager, but there is no content management for IM. For advanced IM functionality, we recommend a solution from Akonix (see

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