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Reinstalling BorderManager 3.8 Snap-ins for iManager

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Posted: 29 Jul 2004

Here are the steps for cleaning up and reinstalling the BorderManager snap-in for iManager. See also TID 10093767.

  1. Uninstall the snap-in from Configure | iManager configuration | Modules and selecting NBM VPN Configuration.
  2. Stop tomcat. (On NetWare use the command tc4stop command at the server console)
  3. Delete the folder vpn from sys:\tomcat\4\webapps\nps\portal\modules
  4. Delete vpn.jar from Sys:\tomcat\4\webapps\nps\WEB-INF\lib
  5. Delete the folder vpn from sys:\tomcat\4\work\standalone\localhost\nps\portal\modules
  6. Open ConsoleOne and traverse to the container pointed to by the variable System.PortalConfigurationObjectDN in the file, under sys:\tomcat\4\webapps\nps\WEB-INF\. (This name of this container, by default is Extend.) Delete the object called NBMVPNConfiguration in this container.
  7. Start tomcat again (on NetWare, use the console command tomcat4 start).
  8. Install the snap-ins again by launching iManager and going to the menu in Configure | iManager configuration | Modules
  9. Once the install is successful, restart tomcat.

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