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BorderManager and NetWare: A Great VPN Solution

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Posted: 30 Sep 2004

In case you've wondered what BorderManager can and does offer to NetWare sites in the way of a VPN solution, here are a few ideas.

When using Novell BorderManager and Novell's VPN Client for Windows, customers experience the following unique functionality not found in any other VPN system:

  • Client32 integration (single sign-on to eDirectory/NetWare, runs NetWare login scripts, etc.).
  • Connection is supported to all versions of NBM (3.7 and older use SKIP; only 3.8 uses IKE).
  • Automatic SLP configuration is provided for location of Novell Pure IP services.
  • All BMAS and NMAS authentication methods are supported.
  • Integration with Novell Client Firewall is supported. (If configured this way, the VPN connection requires NCF running.)
  • IPX is supported over the VPN.

These advantages and others make Novell BorderManager the logical choice for a VPN system in a NetWare environment. For more information on BorderManager products and solutions, as well a free download of a 90-day Evaluation of Novell BorderManager Multilingual, see:

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