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DirXML Comparative Information

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By Kevin Wilson

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Posted: 24 Apr 2001

There is no product on the market today that competes head-to-head with DirXML. DirXML crosses the categories of meta-directory, Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and eProvisioning. A meta-directory synchronizes data between directories; an EAI moves data using XML; and an eProvisioning system moves data under the direction of business logic or workflow processes. In addition to being the only data sharing and synchronization solution that combines the functionalities of meta-directory, EAI and eProvisioning, DirXML is differentiated from other solutions by the following points:

  • Leverages existing databases - DirXML does not try to consolidate multiple directory information to a single point for management. Separate directories still exist and are accessed by applications--DirXML facilitates the synchronization of these directories with other directories.
  • Reduces political issues over data ownership - individual groups still retain ownership of directory information. They have the ability to enforce authority and ultimately determine the use of the directory content.
  • No requirement to retrofit existing applications or databases - Existing databases and directories can remain completely intact, eliminating the need for expensive modifications or replacement.
  • Fault Tolerance - Using eDirectory replication, DirXML provides advanced scalability and fail-over capabilities.
  • Automation -- DirXML provides automatic, event-driven, bi-directional replication and synchronization without the need for manual intervention.

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