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Error on server console: Java SSL Exception

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Posted: 23 Oct 2001

If you're getting this error, here's a fix and an explanation from Novell Technical Support.

  1. Java version 1.17 is installed with NetWare 5.1 SP3
  2. Patch Java to 1.22
  3. After applying Java 1.22 add the following line to the JAVA.CFG file:
Here's Why

The verify option makes sure the Java classes are valid and throw an error if they are not. Java 1.1.7 was designed to verify classes one way. When Java 1.2.2 was released by SUN it was designed to verify classes a different way. Since the DirXML classes were written to be backwards compatible, they fail the verification. This option was changed on the Windows platform by default but not on the NetWare platform because of the delay in releasing the 1.2.2 JVM on NetWare. Anytime someone upgrades from 1.1.7 to 1.2.2 they will see this issue. It is not an actual problem but a parameter that needs to be set to avoid the error message.

For more information on this tip, see TID-10065011.

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