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Debugging DirXML Drivers

Novell Cool Solutions: Feature
By Kevin Burnett

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Posted: 16 Jan 2002

Novell AppNotes Senior Researcher Kevin Burnett shows us (or the developers among us) how to dig in and troubleshoot DirXML Drivers.

Here's an excerpt:

With more and more DirXML drivers being written, the time will shortly arrive when synchronizing data from your favorite application to eDirectory will be a reality. But the big question looms: how do I set up the DirXML drivers I need initially, and even more important, how do I maintain them?

Granted, Novell provides a consulting division that is available to help you install the needed DirXML drivers for your company. But as an engineer or IS professional, having a basic understanding of DirXML driver debugging procedures can benefit your company in many ways, including saving time.

In the article, Kevin explores the following topics:
  • Attach a Java Debugger
    • Agent Debugger
    • Java Platform Debugger Architecture (JPDA)
    • Using the Visual Caf? Debugger (v3.0 or v4.0)
    • Using jdb
    • Using the CodeWarrior 5 Debugger
    • Miscellaneous Notes About Debugger Use
  • Environment Variables
Check out the full article here.

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