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Using DirXML and Java to Implement Complex Business Rules

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By Karl Bunnell

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Posted: 16 Jan 2002

Last month, AppNotes Researcher Karl Bunnell showed us how to use DirXML to Define and Enforce a Corporate Naming Policy. This month, Karl digs a little deeper and shows us how to add Java to the mix.

Here's how Karl describes what he's up to:

DirXML stylesheets provide a powerful mechanism to implement corporate business rules, but there are times when using XSLT and XPath fall short. The task XSLT is designed to perform is data transformation. The logic required to implement complex business rules often extends beyond the capabilities of XSLT and XPath. This is where the marriage of XSLT and Java provide a powerful one-two punch that enables even the most daunting business rules to be tackled with relative ease.

This AppNote demonstrates how to instantiate a Java class, invoke its methods, and define and pass variables from within an DirXML stylesheet. These techniques are presented through the example of implementing a naming and password policy.

In this AppNote, Karl covers the following:

  • DirXML and Employee Account Provisioning
  • Defining the Create Rule Stylesheet
  • Accessing Java Classes from a DirXML Stylesheet
  • Making Your Java Classes Accessible to the XSLT Processor

You can get to the full story here.

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