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Using Stylesheets, Java, and JDBC to Audit DirXML Events

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By Karl Bunnell

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Posted: 19 Feb 2002

Novell Research's Senior Software Engineer, Karl Bunnell shows us how to set up a system that "captures", analyzes, and records DirXML events to a database using XSLT stylesheets, Java, and JDBC.

This article is the last in Karl's DirXML stylesheet authoring techniques series. Here's what it covers:

  • DirXML and Employee Account Provisioning
  • Defining the Create Rule Stylesheet
  • Accessing Java Classes from a DirXML Stylesheet
  • Making Your Java Classes Accessible to the XSLT Processor

The full article:
How to Audit DirXML Events Using Stylesheets, Java, and JDBC

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