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Synchronizing Some Groups But Not Others

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By Gustavo J Gallardo

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Posted: 2 Apr 2002

Gustavo Gallardo from Novell Buenos Aires shares a DirXML stylesheet that helped his customer target and synchronize a few select groups in their directory.

Customer Query:
I work at a company where we use DirXML with the NDS2NDS driver and the NDSFlat and NDSDept connectors.

In our corporate tree we have a number of group objects distributed across several branches, but we only want to synchronize two groups: Internet group and FTPAccess group.

Is there a DirXML stylesheet where all groups are blocked except those (in our case, the two above) that we want to be synchronized?

Gustavo's Answer:
Here's a stylesheet I created to accomplish a similar task. As you'll see (when you look at the stylesheet), I'm synch'ing all the groups under a specified container. You can easily change that to a specified group.

See the stylesheet:

Download the stylesheet:

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