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Manage Users in Groups with this Stylesheet

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By Raymon Epping

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Posted: 8 Apr 2002

Novell Consultant Raymon Epping has been burning the midnight oil in his Novell Netherlands office to keep our inventory of DirXML stylesheets fresh. Here's his latest creation:

Based on:

  • eDirectory 8.6.2 running on Windows XP Workstation
  • DirXML 1.1 for Windows NT/2000

I've installed both products and used the default driver that is delivered with DirXML 1.1 (the Delimited Text-File driver).

This stylesheet, called ETS-Groups, is designed to be placed in the Publisher Channel.

ETS-Groups does the following:

  • Creates users based on an input file that is located in c:\csvsample\input.
    Input file must be .CSV and contain the following fields:
  • The ETS-Groups stylesheet will check the eDirectory for groups based on the 'title' attribute of the user.

For example, if a user has an attribute 'Manager' it will search the complete eDirectory for groups with a CN=Manager,...

If a group that matches CN=Manager is found, it will show a message in DStrace that the Group has been found... The user will then be added to this group.

If the stylesheet does not find a group that corresponds to CN=Manager, it will create the group and then add the user to the newly-created group.

In this way the User will always be associated to a Group named 'Manager'.

The stylesheet is well commented and works fine on my test systems.

See the stylesheet:

Download the stylesheet:

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