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New User-Management Stylesheet

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By Raymon Epping

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Posted: 3 May 2002

Version: DirXML 1.1

Novell Netherlands consultant Raymon Epping has been busy writing more XSL stylesheets we can all learn from.

His latest creation explores features in DirXML 1.1 that allow the stylesheet to read attributes in an input file (like this one: Parker, Peter, "STATUS-FIELD= ACT | UIT | ANN | DOU | OVG | OVR | PAC",, +14441324324, +14441324911, +14441324002, SuperHeroes) and make modifications to the directory listing based on the attributes.

Some of the actions this stylesheet can handle includes creating, deleting, or modifying a user, and moving a user to a different OU according to the attribute value.

Dig deeper into this free download here:

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