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DirXML's New Reporting & Notification Service

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By Steven L. Weitzeil

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Posted: 27 Aug 2002

There's a new Reporting & Notification Service slated for inclusion in Novell's DirXML 1.1a product, which allows network administrators to be notified in the event of system errors and successes. With DirXML interacting with more and more of a company's data, it's critical that administrators are aware of problems with their data.

Here's an excerpt of the AppNote:

With DirXML acting as the central hub for data sharing within a corporation, it is critical that all DirXML components function properly. When important events occur, it is imperative that system administrators be notified immediately, by whatever means are best suited to their specific environment. This need has driven the development of the RNS.
RNS allows the administrator to configure the system to provide notifications concerning: fatal errors, errors, warnings, retries, and successes. It also records additional information such as the channel, driver, and objects involved with that event. RNS is not limited to supporting DirXML. Other applications may utilize this service as well. Any application can pass the RNS XML documents containing any type of information that they want to record. RNS messages may also be generated from within DirXML stylesheets.

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