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Field Patch for DirXML 1.1a Released

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Posted: 11 Apr 2003

This Field Patch contains updates for DirXML 1.1a for NetWare and Windows only.

You can get more information and download the patch at

Here's a list of what's been polished up:

  1. DirXML Subscriber or Publisher objects with a total DN length of 127 or more would cause the associated DirXML driver to fail to start with a -649 error code.

  2. An empty <:association> tag sent on the Subscriber channel to the eDirectory to eDirectory driver could result in an java.lang.NullPointerException error.

  3. In certain DirXML engine attribute merge situations on the Subscriber channel, the command processors for the Publisher Command Transformation (used for attribute changes sent to eDirectory) were reversed.

  4. Password synchronization between objects in two eDirectory trees could result in an inability to log in to eDirectory using one of the objects in certain situations.

  5. Using Overloaded java methods and constructors in a rule stylesheet would sometimes result in an error stating "multiple matching java constructors" or "multiple matching java methods" found.

  6. Using "//" in an XPath expression in a Subscriber channel rule on the result of a query would fail if the object being queried had a pending association.

  7. The event-id attribute on a modify element submitted on the Publisher channel did not appear on an add element synthesized from the modify element.

  8. DirXML drivers could fail to start (-288 error) on NetWare if "." (dot) was in the value of the CLASSPATH variable specified in SYS:/ETC/JAVA.CFG.

  9. DirXML's XSLT processor now supports the exsl:node-set() and exsl:object-type() extension functions. See for more information.

  10. Running a C++ driver on NetWare could result in a server abend.

  11. A corrupted .wbq (write back queue) file could cause a driver to fail to start.

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