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DirXML Starter Pack Included with NetWare 6.5

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Posted: 20 May 2003


Novell DirXML Starter Pack is included in NetWare 6.5, so customers can synchronize user information and reconcile directories in a mixed environment.

DirXML is a data-sharing solution that leverages Novell eDirectory to synchronize, transform, and distribute information across applications, databases, and directories.

The solution included with NetWare 6.5 provides licensed synchronization of information held in NT Domains, Active Directory Domains, and eDirectory trees. When data from one system changes, DirXML detects and propagates these changes to other connected systems based on the business rules you define.


To download the NetWare 6.5 beta complete with Starter Pack, go here:


Introducing the Novell DirXML Starter Pack
Understanding the design and purpose of the DirXML Starter Pack is key to a successful deployment. This section explains the bundle's architecture and default data flow.

Planning Your Installation
DirXML provides great flexibility for where you install components and how data can be synchronized. This section introduces issues you'll want to consider before starting your installation.

Installing the Novell DirXML Starter Pack
The DirXML engine and Novell iManager plug-ins for DirXML are the foundation for any DirXML installation. This section explains how to install these key components.

Setting Up Participating Systems
Each system that will participate in data synchronization requires installation of a DirXML driver. After driver installation, you must provide the drivers with system-specific information. This section walks you through driver installation, configuration, and validation.

Setting Up Password Synchronization
After drivers have been successfully installed, you can install the password synchronization components. This section explains how to install these components and make password synchronization work in your environment.

Activating Novell DirXML Products
Novell DirXML and DirXML drivers must be activated within 90 days of installation, otherwise they will shut down. This section explains how to request and install an activation credential.

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