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Why the Handshake Failed

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Posted: 11 Jul 2003

If your DirXML Driver starts, then immediately stops, check the trace log to see if it looks like this.

TRACE:  SubscriptionShim.execute() returned:
<nds dtdversion="1.0" ndsversion="8.5">
      <status level="fatal">handshake failed: 
	    missing password</status>
TRACE:  Applying input transformations
TRACE:          No input stylesheet, skipping
TRACE:          No mapping rule, skipping
TRACE:          Resolving association references
TRACE:  Killing driver from Subscriber thread
DirXML Driver <\TREE\NOVELL\nds2nds\NDSToNDS - 
  By Dept> requesting termination.

DirXML Log Event -------------------
   Status = fatal
   Message = handshake failed: missing password
DirXML Driver Subscriber <\TREE\NOVELL\nds2nds\NDSToNDS - 
   By Dept\Subscriber> Submit Event failed.  Err: -292 

What's the Problem?

This error is caused by specifying a password for the DirXML Driver object (under the Driver Object Password tab), but not in the Application Password field (on the Authentication tab) of the remote side of the DirXML connection.

How to Fix It

To resolve this problem, set a password on the DirXML Driver object on the Driver Object tab, and enter this same password on the remote DirXML Driver object's Authentication Tab, in the Application Password field.

Please note - Once this password has been set, it cannot be removed. The same password must then be entered in the remote DirXML Driver for communication to be successful.

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