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Oracle Advanced Driver

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By Michel Bluteau

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Posted: 14 Jan 2004

Editor's Note: This driver has been updated and can be downloaded in Cool Tools at this location:

This driver is based on the example coming with JDBC 1.6 driver for Oracle, which uses some Oracle side tables(EMP, EVENTLOG, etc). It works with both DirXML 1.1a and DirXML 2.0.

It is required to obtain and from as specified in the documentation for the driver.

The example included with the driver comes with some limited capabilities regarding the integration of Oracle security: The Subscriber Channel encapsulates JDBC statements in XSL in order to CREATE/DROP USERS and GRANT CONNECT privileges. However, the example does not integrates ROLES and ROLES memberships. This advanced connector has been designed in order to handle USERS, ROLES, and memberships(USERS to ROLES, ROLES to ROLES).

The use or Oracle Internet Directory(OID) would very likely render this driver useless(the LDAP Driver would do), but since some Oracle customers have dozens of Oracle applications and many more instances, OID enablement of all their Oracle applications instances/applications is still something planned for the future. Meanwhile, this driver would allow a more comprehensive integration of Oracle and eDirectory security, especially interesting for customers with many Oracle developers needing privileges and access on many Oracle instances.

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