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Posted: 15 Jan 2004

Novell announced the immediate availability of Novell Nsure Identity Manager 2, which streamlines an organization's user administration processes to reduce management costs, increase productivity and security and support compliance with industry regulations. With Nsure Identity Manager 2, customers can implement a fully integrated identity management solution, rather than standalone provisioning, password management or metadirectory products, to assimilate identities from across all connected systems.

Novell Nsure Identity Manager, formerly Novell DirXML, uniquely leverages the efficiency of an organization's distributed user administration processes in that IT administrators can designate any connected resource as the authoritative source for any identity attribute such as name, e-mail address or password. For example, end users can be given self-service capabilities to manage their passwords, the e-mail administrator can be given responsibility for e-mail addresses and access to applications can remain centrally managed by the IT administrator. Changes made by the authoritative source for each attribute are then synchronized across all locations and systems.

New Features in Novell Nsure Identity Manager
Enhancements in Novell Nsure Identity Manager 2 help customers reduce the cost of managing access to applications and data, cut down the number of password-related calls to the help desk and increase the security of their enterprise resources.

  • Simplified configuration - Browser-based, point-and-click configuration of rules and policies for both common and in-depth tasks.

  • Self-service password management - Organizations can establish control over passwords throughout the applications and identity stores that power their business. For example, administrators can define central password policies to be applied throughout their system, and end users can reset forgotten passwords themselves, which are then synchronized across connected systems, without going through the help desk.

  • Role-based administration - IT administrators can define access privileges based on a user's role or relationship with the organization and according to established business rules. Access rights are automatically updated whenever a user's role changes.

  • Monitoring and reporting - Track and monitor security-related activity in internal systems and applications and generate reports or real-time notifications.

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